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The Cat Marine Advanced Variable Drive is to be installed on a tugboat to be built by Turkey’s Sanmar Shipyard.
Announcing the contract, Caterpillar Marine said that its AVD will offer improvements in fuel efficiency and vessel performance by means of a fully-integrated hydro-mechanical propulsion system.
‘Different from a typical Power Take In (PTI) solution, the AVD incorporates a planetary gear set allowing seamless clutch engagement of main engines, auxiliary engines, or both to provide a scalable power installation to meet any customer need in terms of maximum vessel speed, power, or bollard pull,’ explained Nathan Kelly, product definition engineer for Caterpillar Marine. 
‘This also allows propeller speed independent of engine speed so optimal engine efficiency can be achieved leading to fuel savings of 15%-20%.’
The Sanmar hydraulic hybrid tug will be a Robert Allan Ltd-designed RAmparts 2400SX harbor tug incorporating an integrated Caterpillar AVD system of 3512 main engines, a C32 auxiliary engine, Cat MTA 627 fixed pitch tug thrusters, and bridge controls.  
Compared to a conventional tug with equivalent bollard pull, the return on investment is estimated at three years or less, based on projected fuel and operating cost savings.
Ali Gurun, director of projects, Sanmar Shipyards, commented on the new vessel initiative: ‘This strategic development between Sanmar and Caterpillar will provide a highly optimised, lower cost alternative to conventional electric hybrid systems with similar benefits regarding improved performance, lower noise and lower emissions.’